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Load-In/Load Out

Load-In/Load Out (Production, D├ęcor And Staging)

Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center Security Manager is responsible for controlling all truck traffic.
The following rules will be followed at all times:

All loading dock usage must be noted on a pre-approved schedule
The trucks will be allowed to depart at a pre-arranged afterhours. The trucks will have to immediately depart and will not be allowed to stay on the street.
Once the dock bays are full and the Loading Zone is occupied, trucks will be sent off to
park away on the street.
The loading dock officer will note down the truck drivers cell phone number and will call them once a spot opens up.
No Truck idling will be allowed on the street.
No truck horns or revving the engine will be allowed.
Trucks will obey all posted municipal traffic enforcement signage.
Trucks will disengage their driver cab if the truck is longer than the dock bay.
Sidewalks will remain clear at all times.

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